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Six Months in England

A Japanese Sister had an unforgettable experience.

After 30 years, a Japanese Sister came to England again for 6 months. Now before her return to Japan, she shares about the fruitful experiences and the beautiful memories …

It was just like a dream. I was so excited to land at Heathrow Airport after 30 years. It is already 6 months since I arrived in London.

Tottenham Community

Now I would like to reflect on my stay in London. I live in the community with three other Sisters. Margarita deals with clients as a counsellor or spiritual director. She works a lot through the internet ( Skype… a way of seeing the people she speaks with). Sylvia
and Elizabeth both work in parishes doing catechetics and pastoral work. Eileen Mary lives outside the community in order to live among others who need help. Broadwater Farm where she is living is a big community composed of 4000 people of various different nationalities. There I saw multicultural diversity. I visited St.Thomas More secondary school, a big catholic school where she goes to help the young students in spiritual ways. I also joined in the activities for the elderly people at the parish. At Sunday Mass you will see the variety of the people in the parish.

Sylvia and the Parishioners

The Church in London is truly cosmopolitan. I felt strongly that the English language will be the key to building relationships with people all over the world.

Dublin Community and friends

I had a chance to visit the communities of Dublin and Liverpool. I was so grateful to be able to join in the celebration of the Jubilee of Teresa and Ann. It was so prayerful and beautiful that I was very impressed and felt the great union of the Congregation.

with Teresa and Ann

The new house of Liverpool is so lovely and the Sisters are close to the people in the parish. I was moved by sharing adoration with them in the evening at the convent.

Bootle Community (in the suburbs of Liverpool)

A heavenly sunset at Crosby with the sculptures of Man made by Antony Gormley is an unforgettable memory…


Meanwhile I have been learning English. I have met a wonderful teacher - Susan who gave me English conversation lessons twice a week. She helped me to learn not only the language but also something of the culture and history through reading books and visiting historical places. The King of the Confessors by Thomas Hoving is about ivory carving.

I read also the biography of Hannah Hauxwel who lived the very simple life of solitude in the wild country of North Yorkshire.

I made a pilgrimage to St. Alban’s, St. Paul’s and Canterbury Cathedrals and Walsingham Shrine of Our Lady. I was so impressed by the deep faith of people connected with these places and the refined architecture and artistic decor was so magnificent.


I was so lucky to have a chance to see Much Ado About Nothing written by Shakespeare, at the Globe Theatre where he used to play.

These are the beautiful pictures framed in my memory. There is the landscape of Aghabullogue in Cork where I spent my holiday with Margarita’s family in the summer.


It was a precious experience for me to live at the farm in the countryside of Ireland. I enjoyed walking and being able to admire the beautiful scenery with scattered cows and sheep here and there. What a peaceful place on this earth!! The people who I met were so friendly.

Newtown School

One day, Margarita and I went to Waterford to visit Newtown Schoolwhich is run by the Quakers, as I was very interested in education which aims at holistic human growth. It was amazing that the Quaker ethos of respect for the contribution of the individual regardless of their aptitude has been kept since its foundation in 1798. Fortunately we were able to see the Headmaster to talk about their education system, though school had been closed for the holidays.

Thank you, my lovely Sisiters

All the fruitful experiences and the beautiful memories are truly appreciated. I am most grateful to all the people I met.

and my lovely friends

Sister Marie Soubiran
( Tottenham Community - London)